After a whiplash injury from a car accident, I turned to Momentum Chiropractic and my experience there has been amazing! He didn’t just give me adjustments for a short term fix. He taught me stretches and exercises that would give me long term benefits. His Infinity Sequence in particular is life changing! It’s a sequence of positions that strengthen the muscles around your spine. Since I sit for long periods of time, it’s very important for me to have good posture. After the accident, sitting for more than 30 min was extremely uncomfortable and distracted me from my work. I highly recommend to EVERYONE to learn the Infinity Sequence. It’s so easy, anyone can do it! He even has modifications for different levels of flexibility.  Something about it leaves you energized, strong, and at peace simultaneously. Like I said, LIFE CHANGING!

~ Melissa F.

I have been seeing Sasha for about a year now. He is a very passionate doctor, he even came to my work to explain the new therapy that he is doing. I look forward when i see him once a month, because it feels good when he adjusts my neck…Sasha is helping me take care of myself, that’s why i highly suggest him to anyone.

~ Carla C.

I started running about a year ago and began to develop lower back pain which seemed to increase with running. I made an appointment with Alexander after finding a discount for 2 treatments on groupon. After assessing my pain issues  we planned a course of 12 treatments. I took a couple weeks off running during the start of my treatments, but am now back to it and have had absolutely no pain at all. I love running and had been worried I would have to give it up. I highly recommend Momentum Chiropractic to anyone needing chiropractic work.

~ Zoe L.

Dr. Alex is the man.  He is an intuitive healer and calm presence.  He is truly focused on the puzzle of your body and not really making conversation, but the man knows what he’s doing.  I trust him fully, and this isn’t an easy thing to say of someone who’s making changes to your skeletal structure.  I had sciatica and a generally unstable left SI joint, and not only has he improved that remarkably, he’s also improved little incidental aches and pains that I didn’t even know could be helped.  Also, his occipital adjustments have helped me breathe more freely through my nose – who knew?  I urge anyone injured or with any curiosity about chiropractic to see Dr. A.

~ Olivia C.

Alexander is a very caring and compassionate doctor, I would highly recommend him to my friends and families. Even though his office was closed on Sunday, when he heard that I was injured and had a stiffed neck, he immediately arranged an appointment for an adjustment. I would have continue his service if I live closer to him but I live in Davis. He also recommended me to another doctor in my area to care for my well-being.He’s very professional and efficient, if I ever move to SF I would use him as my chiropractor again. Thank you very much!

~ Thuy N.

After assessing my pain issues (lower back and hip) we planned a course of 12 treatments together that not only reduced my pain, but also helped with stress management.Specifically, he helped me through using blocking techniques that re-adjusted my hips, which reduced hip flexor tension and soreness.   Then there was back and neck adjustments too.  After about 8 sessions… I felt that I could breathe better and that my circulation improved.

By clearing stress-blocked areas I’ve noticed I can run and bike better pain-free.   He takes an integrated, holistic approach, which is complimented by the serene office he has.  Good guy, flexible hours and appointments.

~ Kevin H.

Wow!  My first ever chiropractic appointment was a great experience with Alex!  Since I’ve never had a consultation or adjustment before, I didn’t know what to expect.  When I walked in, I immediately noticed the atmosphere and soothing music.

Alex did a great job of understanding my history and pains and very clearly explaining the art, philosophy, and practice of chiropractic.  As Alex was adjusting, he paid close attention to my feedback and continued explaining everything he was doing and why he was doing it.  I felt immediate results and understood why after his procedures.

I left momentum not only feeling better, but I also learned a great deal.  I highly recommend Momentum.

~ Dan F.

Excellent and intuitive clinician with effective adjustments. He also provides low-level laser tx that helped my facial nerve damage and paralysis from a wisdom tooth removal side effect. The treatments have helped the paralysis so much I am considering not going for a reparative nerve operation that was recommended by a neurologist. I could not recommend him more.

~ Curry F.

Dr Kahnin is great! He is very in tune with you as a patient and what your specific needs are. He also acknowledges that your needs may change as treatment continues, and adjusts his treatment accordingly. I have been a chiropractic patient for about 10 years, and it has always helped in the short term, but I never felt that there were lasting results. Dr. Khanin uses SOT (sacral occipital technique), which was very useful for me in particular due to an old pelvic injury. My back problems used to be persistent, but after his focused treatment, I felt that the cause of the problem was alleviated.

~ Rachel E.

Alexander is a thoughtful, communicative, and skilled chiropractor.  He is eager to know about the relief he has facilitated through his practice, and is willing to amend his technique for your needs, and at your request.   He is also willing to share his knowledge of health, and offers sage advice regarding the mind and body, and exactly what he is doing when he performs his magic.   I always look forward to an adjustment.

~ Ferra Lee D.

Dear Alex, This note is in appreciation for the wonderful work you have been doing with me. On the morning of April 27, I was stricken with a problem in my left leg. Over several days the condition worsened, to the point where I was in nearly constant pain and unable to put weight on my leg. A visit with a myofacial therapist gave me only temporary relief. When I met you, I was still in severe pain. My emotions were raw and I was unable to express feelings of any kind without tears. You patiently listened to my description of my condition, without appearing to judge in any way. You displayed a professional confidence that reassured me. You also did something I have rarely seen any doctor in any discipline do. You described the objective of your work, what we were going to do together and what I could expect as a result. After the first session, I was able to walk and I was free of pain for 12 hours. After our fourth session, I felt nearly normal again. This week, I have been concentrating on retraining my body to walk normally, without limping. I feel that this degree of progress with such a short therapeutic program is nothing less than miraculous. You have my confidence and my gratitude. Thank you for being a model professional.

~ David


I met Sasha through Glide Memorial Church. I had been suffering from high blood pressure, headaches and insomnia and had tried seeing other specialists with no positive results. He evaluated and adjusted me and I felt relief almost immediately. I was finally pain-free and happy. I pray for Sasha and Glide Memorial Church for offering me the services I needed.

~ Elsa Ramirez

I have endured chronic lower back pain for over three years. I could no longer perform my favorite physical activities-bicycling, dancing, hiking, and weight lifting. Since coming to Dr. Khanin, my pain has greatly subsided. I now have returned to my sports activities and can do the more strenuous activities including jumping jacks, cardio kick boxing and sit-ups, without pain. My mood and spirit has greatly improved as well. What a joy it is to return to my active lifestyle.

~ Lily Thang

My name is Carol. I first became aware of chiropractic services when I was involved in a car accident a few years ago. I received physical therapy as part of my treatment and it was suggested to me to check out chiropractic. What I found was more than just a physical adjustment to my body. After seeing Sasha, I’ve come away with a greater knowledge and understanding to the language of my mind, body, and spirit. I found Sasha’s technique to be different than the conventional “clinical” practice of treatment. And his knowledge and education shared within the sessions again has become part of a new awareness to my personal healing energy. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others even without an injury. It is so much more than a “medical” type of service. Namaste.

~ Carol

Hi my name is Leslie. I’m an administrative assistant at Glide Health Clinic and I have been seeing Sashay for about one year now. I met Sashay at Glide when he started to volunteer in our clinic. I can remember my first Chiropractic lesson; Sasha provides an adjustment and does not crack your back. Since then I have learned more of what chiropractic work is about and the great benefits you receive from it. Over the past year I have grown to trust Sasha and have a good relationship with him. I would definitely recommend him to family members and friends. I truly feel he cares about his clients and is genuinely concern with your overall physical and spiritual health. Thanks Sasha.

~ Leslie

Initially I had gone to Dr. Khanin as a last resort. I was experiencing limitations to the mobility of my neck and severe pain in my jaw, which was being treated ineffectively with medication. I was prescribed (increasing) dosages of Nortryptaline, but continued having pain. Desperate, I went to see Dr. Khanin for a neck adjustment in hopes of an organic change in symptoms. Within weeks the pain in my jaw, which had been going on for about a year, began to subside. With the neck adjustments I was able to function without pain and now have hopes of weaning myself off the medication entirely.

~ Denise

Dear Sasha, Thank you so much for your sensitive care and generous giving of time and self. I recommend your services highly to anyone who is “a bit nervous” about chiropractors.

~ Heather


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