The Infinity Sequence – Lifetime Membership


The Infinity Sequence is something anyone can do and it only takes between 6-12 min’s to go through. In this online video course you will learn a sequence of easy, yet profound postures that promote alignment and strengthen the integrity of the spine. This is a one time charge for lifetime access to the course.

SPECIAL OFFER! Includes a 1st Visit (Exam/Evaluation + 1st Adjustment) and follow up adjustment.

All together, this is a $375.00 value. This offer valid for purchase until June 30th, 2017.


All topics are presented in video format. Here are the topics that will be covered:

Module 1
1) Introduction –  Welcome!
2) How it all came about – Learn how the Infinity Sequence came about.

Module 2
3) Tips for the office – These tips will help you right away.  Start today!
4) Some other tips – This video will help you assess where you are as far are you alignment.

Module 3
5) Assessment tools –  An easy to follow formula that will help you assess your progress.
6) In pain procedure –  This video will talk you through a painful situation.  If you’re in pain, this will give you more insight as to how to approach the Infinity Sequence.

Module 4
7) Infinity Sequence Introduction -Very important that you watch this before starting the Sequence.  I go through, step by step, the exact posture you want to maintain throughout the whole sequence.
8) INFINITY SEQUENCE –  This is the flow!  The very essence of the whole course.  Enjoy!
9) Infinity Sequence Alternatives –  Although the sequence is easy to do for many that will try it, I go through some alternative placings that will be helpful if, for any reason, any of the postures/placings are too challenging.  Remember, it’s all about learning to read your body and not push through the pain.  By doing the Infinity sequence, you will learn to have a new listening to your own body and you will develop alignment, stability, and better posture, over time.  Take your time.

Module 5
10) Advanced Infinity Sequence –  Once you learn the basic flow and get proficient at it, I will show you how to challenge your spine’s alignment even more, through specific arm placements.
11) Summary – Let’s put it all together!  What have we learned?

Bonus Section
12) Towel Stretches – I will show you how to loosen up your neck and shoulders.  This flow will only take you 5 minutes, right out of the shower.  You’re already warmed up, and it will help you be more efficient with your time because you are already wiping yourself down.  Why not be creative every morning and make it a stretching routine?  If you are in front of the computer all day, you have got to watch this.  You will feel results right away!
13) Stick Stretches – There are some stretches that you can do with a simple stick that you can not get to in any other way.  This flow helps to stimulating the creative pathways of the left and right hemispheres of your brain, creating alignment, stability, and balance.  You will love this flow!
14) Philosophy – Every powerful system of training, whether it be the mind, body, or soul, has a philosophy.  The main principal of the Infinity Sequence is the development of inner strength, from the core of the core, the ligaments of the spine.
15) Warriors of Consciousness – By being conscious we awaken, inside of us, the ability to see clearly, do honorably, and heal fully.  I wish you the best of luck in your practice.  See you soon!


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