Is it enough just to be?  

Being is just that…...BEING.…..We are not human becomings.  We are human beings.  To be, means that we always were, and that we always are.  We are in this moment.  

The ideas of this world, has us form ideas about ourselves.  These are manipulations, in a way.  They are illusions of self that we believe, and because of these illusions that turn into delusions of the self, we act out in this world.  These actions lead to the current state of our affairs.  When one lives based upon an illusion, there can never be any consistent joy or happiness.  

The lie that we grow to believe is that we have got to chase what we dont have in order to be who and what we want when the truth is that we already are, all that we would ever want to be or have.

We are blessed.  We always were.  The journey of this life is the process of waking up to this fact.