200 Days of Meditation

Day 122

"What Is" has nothing to do with what we want.  "What Is", is the product of what we attracted, created, and manifested from the actions that were taken by us in past moments. Then what is "What Will Be"????? To me, "What Will BE" is a product of a co-creative process...

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Day 121

This year, so far, has been all about action for me and I love it.  Yes, maintaining a sense of peace is important and also very attainable within being in action.  What I am experiencing is, a wave going through me.  I start to feel the exhilaration of, OMG! I have...

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Day 119

https://soundcloud.com/user-66770358/iam4iam I am where I am, for a reason. I am where I am, for I am. Weather in positive abundant flow or in deficit, I am where I am for a reason. I am where I am, for I am. I take full responsibility for who and what I am. I take...

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Day 118

WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY WHEN WE LIVE A CONSCIOUS LIFE!  If you are a leader and I know that you are and you would like to CREATE something new, powerful, and unique, then you may want to look at this. Are you Reacting to all the acting that's going on?? For example...

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Day 117

To transcend the mind is to go beyond the obvious chatter, self talk, worries, and stresses of life. How is it possible to control this? What is the reward for doing so? Well, to answer the first question, first of all, IT IS POSSIBLE AND AND ANYONE CAN DO IT.  But it...

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Day 116

Goal Achievent Academy My current experience is that through my meditations I am able to see my obstacles (whatever is holding me back).  I see them clearly, whereas through the daily grind of life, it's all a little cloudy, if you know what I mean.  A few...

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Day 115

No matter what muck surrounds at any given moment, your primary objective is to BE!  It takes conscious awareness to see through the muck, and when you do see through the muck, you gain access to BEING.  Use the muck as a trigger to...

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