Day 126

The most important question you will ever ask yourself is WHO AM I?

Am I the collection of happenings from the past, the filter of interpretations of the present, and the anticipation of whats to come in the future?


Am I the consciousness behind this filter?  Am I the witness to all that is within and around?

Is it possible that I am pure energy, consciousness, an awareness of itself and that I just happen to have a shell around me? A shell that is a filter to both how my mind sees and interprets things and a trigger to how I react to things internal and external?  Is it possible that some have a thicker shell and others have a thinner shell?  Is it possible that some don’t have a shell?  and, if so, How would that look like?  How does it look like?  What would it be like if I didn’t have a shell?

As we ask the right questions, this filter, this shell, starts to vanish.

May you be blessed with conscious breath.