Day 124



The seed of a single fruit holds within it infinite universes upon universes.  The seed expands into a plant, which grows into a tree, which bears fruit, feeding and giving nutrients to living beings.  The intelligence that lives within a dormant seed has the potential to change worlds.  That is the same intelligence that lives within each living being..  That is the same intelligence that lives within YOU!  For each cell within your body, is much more infinite.  We all need constant reminders of this, because sometimes, we tend to forget the most important things of life.  We are all caught up in this web.

What we were trained to think and the ideas that confine the true essence of who and what we are, (The ideas of the material world of who’s who, who’s wearing what, and how huge ones house is) pales in comparison to truly seeing what we are a part of and are participating in, the act of life, living, and being.

It is when we learn to tap into the power of our true nature, the nature of the living spirit of Light and Life, the universal intelligence that flows in, through, and around us, is when we begin to see that there is nothing that can continue to take control over the life that flows through and within all beings, including you and I.  We start to identify the entities (physical – corporate and non physical) that seek to control, manipulate, and harness the flow of life.  And it is through this identification that we will continue to take back what has been taken from us, since the moment of our birth into this world.  The true essence of life that flows through us.  OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.