Day 122

“What Is” has nothing to do with what we want.  “What Is”, is the product of what we attracted, created, and manifested from the actions that were taken by us in past moments.

Then what is “What Will Be”?????

To me, “What Will BE” is a product of a co-creative process between this present moment and the conscious actions we take within it.  In this way, I see this present moment to be the presence of God.  It is Divinity within it’s fullness.  The actions one takes, whether conscious or not, in this present moment, is our divine union with God, and should be respected and honored as so.  It is where all creation comes from.

May we have the strength to be conscious within this moment of here and now, for when we are, we are divinely connected with God and become co-creators.  When we are divinely connected with God in this way, we WILL the ability to achieve what every we may conceive within our minds, for in this sacred moment our mind merges with the universal mind of God.  We are one.

May you be blessed with conscious breath!  And Happy Birthday to me!