100 Days of Meditation

Day 100

THE LIGHT IS THE TRUTH. Everybody has their own process to this conclusion and I respect and honor your process. For an idea to become truth, it has to be experienced, or else there will always be doubt. Through my process, I can say with absolute certainty, that THE...

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Day 99

All of our lives, the mind has us think that it is better over there. But the undeniable truth is that there is no other place other than HERE! RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! The first step towards enlightenment, or just being happy, is waking up to this fact.

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Day 98

Day 98 Coming to CONCLUSIONS based on ILLUSIONS. This seems to be a way of life here on Earth. A) My perception B) Your perception C) The way it really is. All three are valid and true based on each of our perspectives. We must learn to break down our own...

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Day 97

When in meditation, one gets the opportunity to PERCIEVE what is RECIEVED for then, in one’s own conscious mind, an idea can then be CONCIEVED. 1) RECIEVE 2) PERCIEVE 3) CONCIEVE The PROJECTOR, the IMAGE, and the SCREEN. Of these three, which one are you, the...

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Day 96

When you say hi to a stranger and really mean it, what does it really mean?? Well, to me, it means that I have the intention to inspire or uplift that person, just with a HI and a smile. I intend that, you, the one, I say hi to, that your day be bright and if it’s not...

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Day 93

Consciousness evolves in stages, phases, and waves. Don’t REACT to what you witness, for that enslaves. Instead be brave and ACT according to what your heart displays.

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Day 92

One of Sadhguru Vasudev’s lectures inspired this line of questioning within myself. “Have you ever experienced anything outside of yourself?” I see the outside world and I have an experience of it being outside of myself. Yes indeed you do. However, where do you...

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