Bio Cranial

What is the Bio Cranial System?

The Bio Cranial System has finally unlocked the connection between the head and our health, at just about every level. It is therefore probably one of the most significant advances in healthcare delivery to have taken place in many years. But let’s go back to the beginning.

Many years ago an American Osteopathic physician, Dr. William Garner Sutherland, discovered that there was a movement of the bones of the head (cranium) – of which there are 22 in number – and that this involuntary movement takes place throughout life. It is like a rhythmic opening and closing which takes place around the joints between the bones. Small groups of followers have variously attempted to determine what significance this all had, and with differing degrees of success. Until now, that is. During the 1970′s and ’80′s, Dr. Robert Boyd, a UK based Osteopath carried out his own research and finally came up with the answer that all had been looking for. This research demonstrated that, not only were practically all of us “injured” at birth and before – and this is a story in itself – but that these “injuries” impacted dramatically on the level at which our bodies function throughout life. For example, if we take the nervous systems alone, none of us is operating at the level we should be. And since this major system is involved in almost every physiological process such as how other systems and organs function – muscular, circulatory, gastro-intestinal, hormonal, kidneys, heart, liver uterus and so on – you can see that we are at the very core of how we tick.

There were two other very important discoveries made by Dr. Boyd. One was that the distorted, torqued or warped pattern of the cranial bones resulted in compensatory “distortion” – misalignment – of the spinal bones and that this misalignment of the spine is almost always the follow on from the cranial end, to which the spine is joined, of course. But the even more important discovery was that there was a particular anatomical alignment of the cranial bones, in total, in which we should all be – only one – if the involuntary movement is to function properly. To discover this and to be able to correct has undoubtedly been Dr. Boyd’s great contribution to health restoration.

You see, health levels are almost always determined by the presence or absence of symptoms. Dr. Boyd has shown that this is wholly incorrect. He has shown that we are all ticking along at a level of function, often far below what it should, and can, be and yet most of the time, without identifiable symptoms. Symptoms arise later, are often “triggered” by some event, but essentially “take hold” primarily because of the inherent weakness in the system caused by the cranial “flaw”. What needs to be corrected, no matter what else, is the cranial (and therefore spinal) status of the patient in order to restore maximum function to the system. The Bio Cranial System therefore addresses people who are dysfunctioning – the total person – and not diseases or disease names. It is probably the most holistic system in existence for this reason.

For simplicity sake, however, we recognize, that names of symptoms mean something to most people and below we list a number of these for which Bio Cranial has been found to be helpful. The list is far from exhaustive:

Acne Headaches (inc. Migraine)
Acne Rosacea Hiatal Hernia
Angina Injuries (various)
Asthma Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Autism Meniere’s Syndrome (Balance disorders)
Back Pain Menstrual disorders
Bell’s Palsy Neck pain
Cerebral Palsy Neuralgias

Colitis Palpitations
Childrens Disorders (ADDH, Hyperactivity etc.) Parkinsonism
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Petit Mal (Epilepsy)
Chron’s Disease Phobias
Cystitis Prolapses
Dysmenorrhea Prostate
Diverticulitis Psoriasis

Eczema Sleeping disturbances
Endometriosis Sciaticas
Emphysema Sports injuries
Fibromyalgia Tinnitus (ear noises)
Gastric Ulcer Varicosiy
Goiter Varicose ulcers
Hay Fever Vertigo

We re-emphasize that the names of symptoms are no more than descriptions of the pattern of dysfunction in the system. It is imperative to begin to focus on the underlying weaknesses which finally permitted the onset of the symptoms.

The information in this website is given strictly for educational purposes. Momentum Chiropractic does not prescribe, treat, diagnose, or make any recommendations for the treatment of disease as in conventional medicine, and assumes no responsibility for how this information is used. In no way should the information on this website be considered a substitute for competent medical care by the healthcare professional of your choice. The statements in this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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