Day 121

This year, so far, has been all about action for me and I love it.  Yes, maintaining a sense of peace is important and also very attainable within being in action.  What I am experiencing is, a wave going through me.  I start to feel the exhilaration of, OMG! I have to get these things accomplished!!! (That part may seem stressful at first, until one learns to ride the wave.)  Sometimes the waters are calm and there are other times when we feel like we are in the middle of a storm.  

So, when I learn to recognize that crucial moment of, OMG!!!! I go back to my breath.  I try not to react to it.  I sit, breath, make a list of priorities, and then I start to act ACT!

ACT, NOT REACT.  There is a big difference between the two.  When we react, we are being lead or dragged along by the the wave of panic, gasping for air.

When we ACT, we become leaders!  The leaders of our lives.  The leaders of our vision.  We ride the wave instead of being dragged underneath by it.

When we become conscious we literally transform our lives!

Meditation is the path to being conscious.

May you be blessed with conscious breath