100 Days of Meditation

Day 91

Real HEALTHCARE is about taking care of our health, while we are healthy. At the core of our physical health is our mental and emotional well being. In the process of introspection, one may begin to comprehend the wealth of knowledge that is available. It takes...

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Day 90

The outside world is stealing from us the most essential things of life, our consciousness, focus, and concentration. Imagine, just for a moment, going inward and focusing on nothing else, other than what gives you life. You would turn into something magically and...

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Day 89

Intellect is of the mind and is limited to only the information gathered. True knowledge is of the soul and is unlimited. It emanates from the Infinite.

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Day 88

Everything in this world will attempt to tell you that all that you are not enough and that you have to be something else to become what you want. Don’t listen to those lies! You already are what you seek to become. Now it’s up to you to have enough courage to be it....

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Day 87

Instead of feeding your hunger, FEED YOUR SOUL. Sit down and ENJOY your meal, be thankful and really taste every bite. If you are eating just to feed hunger, rushing, and stuffing everything down, then getting up and rushing off, are you getting full benefit and...

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Day 86

Day 86 - THIS IS THE ISLAM THAT I GREW TO LOVE. I’m not religious, conversly I love every religion, for the part that points one in the direction of God. I used to say I was spiritual. Now I say, I am SOULFUL! I AM SOULFUL. I AM SOULFUL! I AM THE SOUL OF GOD. As you...

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Day 85

Revolution or Co-creation? One may see a revolution. One may see the fight against the opposition. Another may see a co-creation. Another may see the opposition simply as the brilliance of the self to overcome. So powerfully does this opposing idea reflect who we are....

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Day 83

On course Life becomes a dance when you get on course. Divine timing! When you step up your vibration, you will encounter more of the same. People, and experiences that are also on that path, and together, as we acknowledge one another, we both expand, like the...

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