200 Days of Meditation

Day 130

The way we  think that the world see's us, is false.........but we continue to live our lives based on this falsehood.  This leads to suffering. Consciousness makes no assumptions.  

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Day 129

Is it enough just to be?   Being is just that......BEING......We are not human becomings.  We are human beings.  To be, means that we always were, and that we always are.  We are in this moment.   The ideas of this world, has us form...

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Day 128

Waking up into the space of the true Self is the same as walking into the gates of heaven alive and fully conscious in this physical body.

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Day 127

.....its ok to have those thoughts.  Its only when you start to identify yourself with them, that you become them. When hunger arises, it is to be percieved, as a state of mind or being that comes and goes.  For when one identifies with "being hunger", it...

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Day 126

The most important question you will ever ask yourself is WHO AM I?
Am I the collection of happenings from the past, the filter of interpretations of the present, and the anticipation of whats to come in the future?

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Day 125

Then, who is it that we really are? Well, all I can say is that this question starts making more sense when one gets good at being the observer and asking the question……
Who is that consciousness that is asking the question of “who is the consciousness that is observing the observer within me”?

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Day 124

What we were trained to think and the ideas that confine the true essence of who and what we are, pales in comparison to truly seeing what we are a part of and are participating in, the act of life, living, and being.

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Day 122

"What Is" has nothing to do with what we want.  "What Is", is the product of what we attracted, created, and manifested from the actions that were taken by us in past moments. Then what is "What Will Be"????? To me, "What Will BE" is a product of a co-creative process...

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